The MonitorGroup guarantees that all data is handled confidentially. The MonitorGroup is a member of the MarketResearchAssociation and applies the code of conduct for protection of privacy and the international code for market research. This code is drawn up by the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research ESOMAR, in close cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Research data is not traceable to individuals and is not shared with third parties.  

What happens with my data?

Information given by you in our research, will be safely saved at the MonitorGroup. The MonitorGroup makes sure that this information is safely stored and will never end up somewhere else. The organization will only receive results in general. Personal results are never shared.

Will it be visible to others if I participated in the survey?

No. The organization will only see a total number of participants. The software used by the MonitorGroup automatically sends a reminder to the persons who have not yet participated in the survey.

I am the only administrative staff member in our department. Will my organization recognize my answers?

No. To protect your anonymity, the MonitorGroup will not combine data on small groups, such as department and function. If the organization wants more insight in your department or function results, we will only make reports for groups of 7 participants or more to ensure your answers won’t be traceable (more info can be found in the question below).
Back to the question mentioned above: we will not provide a report on administrative staff members, because there is only 1 administrative staff member in the department. Would there be 7 administrative staff members within the department? In that case we will be able to provide a report for this group.

My organization receives reports for groups, but our department consists of only 5 employees. Are the results traceable to individual persons?

No. The MonitorGroup only provides complete reports for groups that consist of 7 participants or more. Smaller groups (3 to 6 participants) receive a summary of the main points, without percentages. This allows small groups to get started with the results and still have their anonymity protected.

I am asked to give several personal answers. Will my anonymity stay secured?

Yes. In the research report containing the results, answers are connected to answer categories. If a category is smaller than seven persons, answers will not be displayed for this specific group.

I have written my name in the comments. Does this reveal what I have answered?

No. All answers to open questions are read by The MonitorGroup and checked for possible traceability to individuals. If this is the case, we will make sure the answer is not traceable anymore while keeping the core of the information intact.

How about the usage of cloud services?

Since the beginning of online research, results are always transported and saved by a provider. We specifically have chosen for a provider that is also a member of ESOMAR and conforms to the rules of the European researchbranche. Therefore you can count on your answers being safe with us.